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A Message from the President and Founder of The Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine

There is probably no task more challenging for a doctor than diagnosis in medicine. We recognize that it takes a remarkable ability to match a patient’s problems to a diagnosis, something that takes years of training, experience and education. We honor those physicians who do this well.

At SIDM, we are focused on creating awareness about diagnostic errors. As physicians, our goal is to minimize their occurrence. We believe that patients are a very important part of the diagnostic process and we welcome your participation in care.


SIDM is dedicated to honoring all those who have been harmed by diagnostic error. We will all be patients some day and we all want the same thing—for our diagnosis to be made quickly, accurately, and safely. At SIDM, we strive to unite everyone who shares our vision to improve diagnosis in medicine. Thank you for your interest in joining this quest. We need and appreciate your support.



Mark Graber, MD, FACP

President and Founder, Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine


Please check out our Patient Toolkit for Diagnosis, and download our resource for patients, created by patients, to help them tell their story clearly.  Feel free to click through the various tabs below for articles and other resources.




Read several articles pertaining to diagnostic error and major areas of misdiagnosis.




Learn the important questions and answers when it comes to diagnostic error, including causes, most commonly misdiagnosed diseases, and what you can do to reduce your chances of receiving a misdiagnosis.



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What's in a story? Read about lessons from patients who have suffered diagnostic failures.



Checklists, facts and myths, and other tools for patients and their families.



Fill out our personalized survey to share your stories about diagnostic error and the importance of diagnostic safety research.